About One Eleven Chop House

Walk in to 111 Chop House and, even before you’re seated, you’ll know that you’re in someplace that’s timeless and special. The rich, wood paneling, open kitchen, exposed wine rooms, white-coated wait staff and oversized art nouveau posters combine to inform diners that they have stepped into a world-class steakhouse.

But the elegant, sophisticated décor, which was designed by renowned restaurant architect Peter Niemitz of Niemitz Design Group, is just the beginning. Look at the menu and you’ll find that your dining experience just gets better. Being a world-class steakhouse requires world-class steak. At 111 Chop House, all cuts are either certified prime-grade or are in the top 10% of the choice grade.

You can choose a traditional steak, cooked just right, or a less traditional favorite, such as sirloin encrusted in black pepper with a shallot brandy cream sauce, or confit of duck and blackened shrimp. Order your steak, a veal chop, lamb chop or pork chop, or your favorite seafood and watch our award-winning chefs go to work.

For many, great steak must be paired with great wine. We agree. 111 Chop House’s wine list has received an “Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator every year since 2001.

For a restaurant to be truly incredible, though, great service must complement great food. 111 Chop House has that covered, too, as all staff is trained to pamper and serve 111 diners. 111 Chop House is all about hospitality. You’ll find our wait staff is gracious and attentive, whether you’re looking for help with the menu or a wine recommendation.

So if you want a truly incredible, world-class steakhouse, give 111 Chop House a try. And you don’t have to go to Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Las Vegas or even Boston, to enjoy it.